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LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
LUXE™ Angel Wing Necklace
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-  Beautifully designed and perfect as a gift  , our angel wing necklace resembles a celestial angel with a small crown and is the perfect gift for anyone in need of a guardian angel

-  Only the best materials:  We only use high quality materials for our products so that you can have a wonderful experience

-  Designed to fit,  so you don't have to worry about size charts. Total length is approximately 17.5 inches long and can be adjusted for a perfect fit

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Guardian angel for your queen

Give your loved ones a little  guardian angel  who will protect them at all times. Our specially crafted stones shimmer beautifully in the light and create a wonderful experience.

The pendant is designed as a  celestial angel  with beautiful wings and a  small crown  to top it all off. He points out that the necklace is reserved for the  most important person  .

More than an ordinary accessory

The aesthetic of our angel wing necklace speaks for itself. It allows a dreamlike experience and reminds of the  beautiful relationship   with the other. Inspired by vintage necklaces, it can be easily worn with almost any outfit and allows for a  simple yet modest look  .

Are you looking for a gift?

Yes? Then we have what you need! With our special necklace, you are not giving a common accessory, but also a  beautiful message  that you really care about your loved ones and  wish for their protection by an angel  l. 

You are not only giving an accessory, but also a beautiful message that will always give your loved ones a nice memory of your love.

Love guarantee

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